What we offer

ENVISYO’s software team helps clients create original solutions for the industry’s toughest challenges.

Our experienced software engineering team develops client innovation ideas into industry-changing products quickly and efficiently.


Mobile Solutions

AI Solutions


The platforms Envisyo develops provide robust, secure and scalable solutions to our clients from a wide range of sectors:


  • IoT: We customize our IoT-based platform to our client’s needs for specific communication protocols and devices.
  • Monitoring: We have a monitoring platform that allows operators to monitor their worksite or product remotely, to be able to detect bottlenecks in production, or critical and high-risk situations.
  • Deployment and integration
  • Smart Cities:We also provide an IoT-based platform to monitor assets, environment, traffic and more.

Mobile solutions

Today mobile solutions have become another commodity in the world of software. Envisyo has specialist knowledge in:


  • Mobile Apps: Development of native and personalized apps that cover all the needs of our clients: Integration with IoT platforms, wireless communication with wearable devices and monitoring apps.
  • Integration with Rest APIs and MQTT brokers
  • Wireless connectivity using BLE, Bluetooth Classic, and Wi-Fi.
  • Integration with mobile devices sensors: GPS, accelerometers, gyroscope, barometer and more.

AI Solutions

We work with the industry’s latest technologies for Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence:


  • Development of monitoring, assessment and anomaly-prediction models for various fields by combining Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Data analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP): We develop data-processing systems which, with AI techniques implementation, allow us to reproduce and understand natural language.
  • Machine Learning methods for classification and regression, both supervised and unsupervised.

Industries & case studies

Projects we have been involved in:
Food & Beverage: Our solutions support a sustainable and competitive agri-food industry including heightened efficiency achieved through intelligent production line monitoring via interconnected platforms, visual inspection tools to track food freshness and more.
Transportation: Our projects in the transportation sector optimize routes for vehicles and commuters, analyze traffic and monitor vehicle efficiency.
Energy & Power: Envisyo has developed several projects for the smart use of energy, including the remote, cloud-based management of LED devices.
Green Economy: Our team has created applications that use artificial intelligence for a number of applications including waste sorting and supporting efficient energy use in factories.
Fintech: We’ve worked on software projects that analyze the state of supply and demand, enable the use of artificial intelligence for the smart management of online marketing and sales as well as projects that can detect fraud.
Security: Our team has created smart security systems capable of detecting intruders through facial recognition and behavioural analysis. These technologies have been applied surveillance systems on train platforms that use machine learning and facial recognition to detect dangerous situations.
Health & Wellness: Our wearable health-tech tracks and shares health information for populations such as the elderly and patients with Alzheimer’s disease to detect monitor vital signs and health risks. Other applications provide some visual information to the blind.