How we work

We develop innovation solutions for our clients based on software,
industrial & automation and electronics engineering.

Envisyo Global’s team combines long-standing technical excellence with our goal of staying ahead of the game.  This is how we help clients create their disruptive, industry-changing innovations.


Our Sectors

Lighting:We’ve developed a multiprotocol system to translate a proprietary protocol into main lighting industry systems.
Transportation:In the transportation sector we’ve developed innovative solutions for the shipping, public transportation and traffic control.
SMART Buildings: Our customer-specific innovations include the development of an IoT system that controls the room access using visible light.
Food & Beverage: We’ve helped bring innovations in the food & beverage sector to the market, including tailor-made solutions for the food processing sector, or the agri-food industry.
Security: Envisyo builds surveillance systems to heighten security and protect citizens.
Water: We enable next generation service-oriented, automatic irrigation management system for highly efficient use of water, fertilizers and energy in irrigated tree crops.
Energy & Power: Our IoT solutions in the energy and power industries assist our clients in reducing consumption and improving maintenance. Our software team developed an IoT platform to monitor the status of wind turbines to predict fatal errors.
Industry: We develop systems that enhance performance and efficiency of factories and processes. Our electronics team developed a real-time driver for pneumatic valves control to be used within glass recovery lines.
Green Economy: Our team has developed solutions for the circular economy, waste management and recovery, Life Cycle Assessment during product development, manure treatment systems, and more.
Fintech: Innovation to make financial services more accessible to the general public using technology.
Health & Wellness: Our solutions help people live longer, happier and healthier lives. We have actively supported different clients to develop medical devices, eHealth platforms and mobile APPs.

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